Yeah! What he blogged!

Let’s freaking save blogging—specifically, let’s save it from the platform that’s trying to grow massive off your words and thoughts. It deserves to live, and it does not deserve to be controlled by a company that doesn’t understand that there’s value to your words.

I stumbled across this great article today after reading another great article on the same blog, Author, Ernie Smith, perfectly captures all the reasons why it’s important for blogging to not die.

I heard the same sort of battle cry from Jeffrey Zeldman this year at An Event Apart: Chicago, and I have been trying to write as much as I can on this site ever since. It hasn’t always been easy, or anything close to perfect, but it does scratch a creative itch. If you had a blog and abandoned it, or are just done with the social media giants changing what you can and cannot post on their services — give this article a read. It’s easier and more important than you might realize to have your own little corner of the internet where you are free to post whatever the hell you want.