Tim Berners-Lee’s regret and hope for the web.

“You don’t have to have any coding skills. You just have to have a heart to decide enough is enough. Get out your Magic Marker and your signboard and your broomstick. And go out on the streets.” — Tim Berners-Lee A great interview of Tim Berners-Lee on Vanity Fair. I’ve had an on-again/off-again relationship with the open web. This article makes me want to get more serious about it. I had a general understanding of level at which the big tech companies were collecting data. Now I can see that it’s much worse than I realized. We deserve a better web, a decentralized web were we are in control of our data and not beholding to large corporations.

To Berners-Lee’s quote, one of the things any of us can do is to educate those who use the web casually (e.g., our aunts & uncles, moms & dads, and spouses) about what is being stolen from them and how it’s being used. When the general population of the web begins to more completely understand the issue, that’s when the change will really begin to happen.

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