Hey Nishi! My copy sucks.

I have been noticing more and more how much bad, bland, and otherwise forgettable writing is running rampant on the web. So much emphasis has been on breaking out of the boring layout rut we are in that boilerplate copy crept in there and created a whole new mess.

As a developer who is often tasked with touching every aspect of a website’s creation, good copy writing is one of the hardest things to convince a client they need. And yet, the only reason anyone is visiting their site is to read and learn about their product or service. Why would you want to sound like everyone else? Why would you not want to put some effort into telling your story or extending your brand through the tone you set on your website? More worrying though, why are so many professionals — who are hired to write websites — phoning it in?

Luckily those of us who want all aspects of our websites to be at their best (especially the one that is the most critical) now have a new arrow in our quiver to fight this blight of bad writing. Hey Nishi is a website devoting to curating websites with great copy. Whatever the tone you wish to set for your site, or a client’s, Hey Nishi has you covered with outstanding examples.

Hey Nishi