The Handmade and the Automated

Nov 3, 2016

“A build tool is a name for any bit of software that facilitates tasks that help us build better websites. […] You know, things computers are faster and better at than humans.” — Chris Coyer, Practical SVG

This sentence perfectly clarifies the answer to a long running problem I have had with myself. That being, where to draw the line on when to create by hand, and when to use software. I suppose the answer was there in front of me all the time, I just needed to read it exactly like this to finally get it.

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The Discovery

Sep 6, 2016

Clarity: Discovery

This is the second post in my series on Clarity, the website development process I helped create for LABOV where I am the front-end web developer. This post will cover the first of six phases, Discovery.

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The Event Apart 2016 - Day 3

Sep 1, 2016

An Event Apart - Day 3: Brad Frost on stage talking about pattern libraries

The third day of any Event Apart is a full-day workshop on one topic. This year in Chicago, we were privileged to get Brad Frost’s first full workshop on pattern libraries (a.k.a. “style guides,” but I prefer pattern libraries because I am partial to Brad’s product Pattern Lab). He covered everything from selling pattern libraries back at work; to kicking off a project; to making sure everyone is reading from the same script; to common patterns; and, of course deployment. Needless to say, it was a lot to learn after two days of heavy learning.

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The Event Apart 2016 - Day 2

Aug 30, 2016

An Event Apart - Day 2: Chicago skyscrapers at night.

Day two of An Event Apart Chicago is typically where you realize this is an educational marathon, not a sprint. Everything you learned on day one (and are still trying to absorb); the late nights; the deep dish pizza… it all begins to catch up with you on day two. Let’s go second wind!

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The Event Apart 2016 - Day 1

Aug 29, 2016

An Event Apart Day 1: Sunrise in Chicago on Wacker Ave.

I am back at An Event Apart: Chicago again this year to get another shot of Web Development insight and inspiration. This is my third year and each AEA conference I’ve been to has packed my brain with new ideas I’m itching to try as soon as I get home. Today was day one of the 2016 show and what follows are my thoughts on the presenters talks. So far this year has been no disappointment.

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